Death is pain that never hurts. Death is dark, A separation of two entities. Love is death, but never blind. Death steals and burns, But never hurts.

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You envy the arts; The use of bodies That make men greedy with want. Your lips my darling, Are a pain, The product of a sin which no man dares near.

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Milk and lemon forms a curd. My lover ails of a cancerous disease. Once a brave knight, Now lies disabled at the joints Of thought, sight, breath and speech. He coughs a string of sounds; A thousand words a second, I count “You’ll leave before I do” A set of gruff promises he whizzes But... Continue Reading →

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  I bleed in all places that bleed And flow in all places that flow, As my children disinherit Their mutinies of life (breathe and touch). They come back blackened out, Counting hollowed countries and cities On their skins An amputated nail, An eye-less heart, A fluttering body. They compare wounds at the heights of... Continue Reading →

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On the sky, upon the stars, I made a wish. For each one, I said a word, Hoping you'd hear my silenced whisper And in reply, claim my hopes as your own. We'd parade the stars, In bright and flaring diamonds "I love you".

Solitary Retreat

Betray I beg, The company in which Your time spend And burn in your alone, The ember of dreams Burning bright, Drenched in the gold of sun.


Roam the earth and Claim the air your own. Spread my love, spread, The beauty buried in your zebra self And unto the farthest horizon, Broaden your wings. *for my bestfriend, Amina


Show me a place further than your finger points. A wall beyond your bones. A place where all words and letters ever uttered lay. Like the emptiness of bookshelves in my room, I want to read and be written for. #There should be more to life than this.


The nightingales sing, Stars are lit, The world's set ablaze And all lights hushed. It's a beautiful winter night.


You are the kind of fire that consumes me to the bones but somehow, I long to get burnt all over again.

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